Departure from the hotel at the agreed time bound for Isla Negra . During the trip we will see thelocal vegetation , then arrive at the coast, with its diversity of spas like Algarrobo and picturesqueQuisco fishing village , then we arrive at Isla Negra to visit the museum house where he lived thefamous poet Pablo Neruda (prize Nobel Prize for Literature 1971), which has a privileged view andlarge collections of objects he gathered poet throughout his life.Free time to tour the house and its surroundings, return to the hotel

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Departure from the hotel at the appointed time, toward Vina del Mar known as “ Garden City “ for its parks and squares that adorn the city , drive along the coast to see beaches like Reñaca one of the most renowned resorts of Chile, We arrive to a viewpoint where we can appreciate the local wildlife with seals, gulls and pelicans and a prime view of coastal zones ( Reñaca , Viña del Mar and Valparaiso. Our tour continues to Valparaiso magical and picturesque city, a place with unique features, from their viewpoints have spectacular views of the bay. Visit the historic district , which was declared “Cultural Heritage “ by UNESCO , with its rides and buildings, will make a trip by cable car to have this unique experience, finally we tour the downtown where we will see the national congress seat of legislative power. Return to hotel.

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Full day tour to the famous Casablanca Valley, one of the most popular vineyards in the country. Due to its location and relief, it receives the marine influence through coastal breezes. The tour begins from your hotel in Valparaiso o Viña del Mar . A trip of 47 kms until we arrive to Casas del Bosque vineyard where we’ll be received by a guide who will explain us the wine production process and will show us the vineyards, tasting 3 different wine stocks.Casas del Bosque Vineyard: Casas del Bosque is located 70 km from Santiago, capital of Chile, and 30 km from one of the principal ports of Chile, Valparaiso. It was conceived in 1993 to be a family boutique winery exclusively oriented to produce high quality of wines. Casas del Bosque has its own vineyards in the Casablanca Valley, a privilege place for premium wines production. It guarantees that the entire grape production and all its treatment is carefully handled and controlled, which is a great strength.The ancient pine and poplar woods and the small dispersed and abandoned houses, probably homes of the former white tenants of the area, were the key point to determine the location of the wineries and the manor house, giving the name to Casas del Bosque. Tasting and lunch in its friendly restaurant TANINO, with a menu with appetizer, salads, pastas and some traditional dishes.William Cole Vineyard: Afterwards we’ll continue our trip towards William Cole Vineyard. is situated in the heart of the Casablanca Valley, which is famous for its exceptional Pinot Noir, and the white wines such as Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. After a successful career in the United States, William Cole decided to fulfill a life-long vision of creating fine wines by blending high technology and skilled craftsmanship. The result of pursuing this dream is a beautiful winery and wineyard in the Casablanca Valley, Chile. Return to your hotel.

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Contrary to what one might think, done it properly, any age will be able to take it nice and light.Consider to begin at the city center, the flat part of Valparaiso. A good starting point would be at the Victoria square, with their trees brought from Brazil rubber trees, flanked by Santiago Severin Library, naval club and the Cathedral of Valparaiso, once where the palace of Edwards stood destroyed in the 1906 earthquake. From there, the following step is to take one of the locals trolleys, authentic national monument on wheels, to move to the Anibal Pinto square, one of the hearts of the public transport in the city, from there a slight cummings walk along the street to take the elevator Queen Victoria, one of the oldest and best restored of the heritage area. The elevator goes up to one of the first great views of the city, just steps from the Dimalow alley and from it you can already see out the silhouette of the Lutheran church on the Concepcion hill. Surprisingly, behind you is a very famous mural representing a shaman and other colorful murals at the same exit. From there continue to the Urriola street, going to endearing places like the restaurant The Breakfast; typical place built many years ago, with a breathtaking view, or the Anglican church, true witness the passing of centuries and emblem of the British community since the mid-19th century.From that point on the crossroad we can clearly see, the topography of hills, a side passage leads through local neighborhoods full of life, schools and small businesses, dotted with restaurants of the most variety typologies and backgrounds. Nearby Tata alley Bethoveen alley we can have an amazing view of the old cemetery of dissidents, almost at the foot of the Lutheran church and arrived just beyond the Atkinson alley, where the former residence Brigthon now a hotel and restaurant shows us another marvelous view of the bahia, and the first houses built with the arrival of the British, who retain some his weathered appearance is not unattractive. From there we can admire one of the last additions to the city wall, in this case the homage to Valparaiso and Pablo Neruda.We return to Papudo street to lead to another emblematic alley, the Gervasoni promenade whereThe Lukas Gervasoni hotel and museum are, icons of the city. The magnificent Valparaiso´s harbor is located at its feet.From that point, take the oldest city elevator, the 1883 concept that brings us to the busyarea of the city, Prat Street, where even today the monumental figures of old banks and administrative buildings. Entering any of them transports us to the past, with those huge chandeliers and ceilings own a bygone era.We walked that road to reach the Mayor Town Square: The SotomayorSquare, place of the mausoleum of one of the most important heroes of Chile, Arturo Prat. The first thing to see for sure, is the building of the steamship company and one of the Valparaiso oldest heritages, the Hotel Victoria. Also, some other interesting things to see are the Council of the Arts and Culture, “Bomba Germania”, the former quartermaster of the fireman department, or the entrance to the port of Valparaiso.From that point and on a small passage next to the courthouse accede to the elevator El Peral that leads to the Yugoslav ride, with the Barburizza Palace in its characteristic style art nouveau.From there, we walked through narrow alleys that lead us back to the hill where we will finish this tour.

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