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We leave our hotel early in the morning to start our trip to the Villarrica Volcano, also known as Ruka Pillan which is a Mapuche term meaning "House of the Devil”. This active volcano is one of the most important and impressive of the Araucanía Region. It rises up to 2847 meters above sea level. It is one of the most active volcanoes of the South American continent. The view from the top is impressive because you can see several lakes; Villarrica, Calafquén Huelipilum, Pellaifa and Caburgua and snowcapped volcanoes such as the Lanin, Lonquimay, Quetrupillán, Llaima and Choshuenco. Safety of our passengers remains our number one priority, so we have taken all the required safety measures, and our guides are highly trained. The climb up to the summit takes about 9 hours, going uphill gently, hence this activity can be taken by people with different physical conditions not only for experts, so everybody has the opportunity to have a great experience of enjoying an amazing view at the top of this active volcano. After this great trip we go back to the city of Pucón.

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Departure from your hotel at a scheduled time towards the Huerquehue National Park which is about 33 kilometres away from Pucon and spans an area of 12,500 hectares. It is characterized by its mountains, gently slopes and an impressive beauty. In this park, it is possible to see cliffs, hills, monkey puzzle trees and lenga trees forests. Some unique species live in the park; Darwin’s Frogs, Culpeo foxes and the Chilean Condor sometimes can be seen in the highest points of the park. Another characteristic is its network of trails which have made this park one of the favorites for nature lovers and those who practice trekking. Some of the most recognized trails are; the Lakes, 8.8 Kms. 7 hrs roundtrip, Quinchol, 5 km, 4 hrs roundtrip The Huerquenes, 20.7 km, 2 days San Sebastian, 8 Kms. 10 hrs roundtrip. Ñirrico, 0.8 Kms. 1 hrs round trip. The Huerquehue National Park’s environment mostly insert in the Andino-Patagonicas forest region and within the Cordillera of the Araucania Region. The park’s greater volume watercourses are: the Renahue White River and, Quinchol. One of the park’s highlights is the existence of 20 lagoons. Those watercourses and bodies of water belong to the Toltén’s River drainage basin. The Araucaria (Monkey tail tree) is a common species in the Huerquehue Park; this tree has a great ethno botanical importance since it has been used as food source by the Pehuenche people who have lived in these mountains for centuries. The Araucaria is believed to be sacred. Some vestiges of the past have been found In Huerquehue, such as pottery and, rock shelters that provide evidence of human occupation.

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Departure from the hotel to take the international route to Argentina with destination to the town of Curarrehue just 35 kilometers away from Pucón. The Mapuche aboriginal people accounts for the 70% of the total region population. In this particular mountain range village we will visit the intercultural village of Trawupeyüm where we will learn more about this etnies’ worldview. There is a museum at the village that features a photography exhibition, a magnificent display of handmade Mapuche silver jewelry, typical musical instruments, and traditional clothing. Also visitors will be given a speech on mapuche culture and customs of this courageous aboriginal people. Afterwards, we will visit a village where there is a traditional Ruka (Mapuche hut). We will be served some typical dishes and will be able to taste the traditional flavors embodied in natural preparations such as the muday, and Sopaipillas. The flour they use to make these foods comes from Araucaria seeds which are boiled and then ground to obtain the flower. Return to Pucon.

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We leave the hotel towards the town of Licanray which is about 86 kilometers away from Pucón, after an hour drive we reach the hot springs. The Geometric Hot Springs are located inside of the Villarrica national park which is one of the most visited protected areas due to its beauty and majestic. The Geometric hot springs are a new and original option in the Chilean hot springs scene. Located right beside the Aihúe creek spring, their main feature is the abundance of thermal sources, around 60, which come out of Aihue’s at a temperature 176º F. This thermal center has got 16 thermals pools, separated one from another and ranging temperatures from 95° to 107.6°. There are also 4 swimming pools. Leisure time to enjoy the springs.

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